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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Process

We know that trying to keep your tile and grout clean can be a frustrating and tiring job. Regular mopping just can't do the trick. In fact, it can actually add to the problem by pushing water soluble contaminants deeper into the grout lines.  Let us transform your dingy, tiled surfaces and help restore that fresh, uniformly clean look they once had. Our special attachment, combined with our truck powered equipment steming hot water, allows us to actually clean and rinse your tile and grout without harsh cleaners and our equipment eliminates any chemical residue. Call today to bring your tiled surfaces to life again.

Grout Cleaning

Grout texture makes it susceptible to collecting dirt, cleaning chemicals, food, etc.  To make matters worse, your grout is also porous.  Porous substances absorb liquids.  Now if the liquid is clear, like water, the grout will dry to the same color it was before.  However, if the liquid is dark like coffee, tea, red wine, or kool-aid, the grout might permanently stain.  The longer the liquid sits on the grout the deeper the liquid will penetrate into the grout.

We can easily correct embedded dirt, grease, food, cleaning residue, but stains can be difficult to impossible to remove.

Color Sealing

In the event our restoration process is unable to remove the stains and color inconsistencies in your grout, we may be able to apply a colored sealant to your grout that will make it look like new.  Additionally, this grout will be protected from stains in the future!

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial tile floors can become a safety hazard if they develop a film of grease and oil from cooking.  Our high heat and high pressure system makes your commercial floor not only clean, but takes the slippery hazardous conditions away.  Our machine can actually be in operation while your business is open.  When we are done cleaning tile, the floor is dryer than as if it  had just been mopped.  All the dirt, grease and grime is vacuumed away to the truck mounted machine.

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