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Commercial Services

Commercial Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also knows as hot water extraction.  Our method gives the best results possible and leaves no residue behind.  We pre-treat any spots and stains and apply a cleaning solution to the entire carpet.  We then use steaming hot water to rinse and vacuum away the dirt, bacteria,  and moisture.  Carpets will be dry in 2-5 hours and can be used after about half of that time.  We use both truck mounted systems and portable systems to clean all areas of commercial properties.

Commercial Carpet Low Moisture Cleaning

Sometimes a business cannot stop work to have the carpet cleaned.  Running hoses across a floor may not be an option.  We offer a low moisture cleaning system that can get amazing results.  By using encapsulation cleaning, a low moisture product is applied to the carpet.  A machine that uses counter rotating cylindrical brushes goes over the carpet and removes the soil that has been suspended by the encapsulation solution.  The results are clean and almost completely dry carpet.

Restaurant Tile Cleaning

Commercial tile floors can become a safety hazard if they develop a film of grease and oil from cooking.  Our high heat and high pressure system makes your commercial floor not only clean, but takes the slippery hazardous conditions away.  Our machine can actually be in operation while your business is open.  When we are done cleaning tile, the floor is dryer than as if it  had just been mopped.  All the dirt, grease and grime is vacuumed away to the truck mounted machine.

Outdoor Sidewalk/Patio Cleaning

Outdoor concrete and tile surfaces can get very dirty over time.  We can clean these surfaces with high pressure and heat to remove the dirt that a normal pressure washer cannot get.  Our machine also vacuums away all the dirty water to keep from making a huge mess all over. 

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